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Jubilation Ranch: The Vision

You know how God told the Israelites that He had a land for them specifically? That He had chosen a place where they would live and inhabit so that they could worship Him? He told them over and over that, "I have given you this land. I will be your God and you will be My people." Reading through the tales of yesteryear about Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt, about God traveling with the people and dwelling among them, about their experience in watching God split the sea for them to walk through and shake the mountain to speak to them. We see Israel walk up to the land that was chosen for them but they were afraid and so we see them wander for forty years until Joshua is their leader and they really go in and take the land that God had for them. He gave them victory. He provided in every way. And He gave them the land so that He could be their God. So that He could receive the glory and honor that belongs to Him.

The vision of Jubilation Ranch is that it would be a place that is set aside to worship God. To come before the Father proclaiming, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!" To recognize and glorify Jesus for what He has done and what He continues to do, that He conquered death and gives freedom and life to those who believe in His name. And to commune with the Holy Spirit, given to believers as a guide and teacher... the same Spirit that is God's dwells within us.

Jubilation Ranch exists simply to support that reality and those who work to make it known.

So would you join us? Would you be a part of asking God for vision and creativity, that we might use this space and these resources to bring Him glory?

We are confident and expectant that God will use Jubilation Ranch to creatively and uniquely reach His people. Some ideas of ways He might use that are:

-Day retreats for any follower of Jesus who needs to retreat... because let's face it. If you're living in His commandments, you're in ministry. Charles Spurgeon once said, "You're either a missionary or an imposter." Preach, Charlie.

-Paint and Sips for a specific reason or just for fun which is probably a specific reason enough.

-Theology on Tap. Basically we drink beer and listen to deep thoughts and talks.

-Worship nights. Need we say more? Let's gather in this unique place to worship our God who deserves all of the glory and honor. Whether you're envisioning a hoe-down, a Hillsong event, or an a capella gathering, we're in.

-Youth group events. Y'all, this space is meant for capture the flag and campouts. And fires. And ping pong.

-Anything you can dream up. And dream big, eh?

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