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Pub Night: The Universe and The Bible

Speaker: Noah Myers, leader of CSU chapter of Ratio Christi

Last weekend, Jubilation Ranch hosted the first of many Pub Nights. The idea is gather together, drink a beer, and have a fairly informal discussion about something Jesus related.

for this event, Noah Myers spoke about 'The universe and the Bible.' He talked about how the universe points to a Creator and a beautifully intelligent design.

Noah cited the works of Hugh Ross and referenced his research in the field of astronomy, tying together that when we get down to the basis of it all, science really does reflect the narrative of the Bible.

It is always an interesting discussion when trying to tie together the Bible, which has been translated a number of times and yet we can still trust it to be the inerrant word of the living God, and science, which we continue to learn things and hypothesize and relearn things all of the time.

So my translation and take away from Noah's talk was this: There was a plan. God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, created our planet within the universe and human kind along with every other creature that we share this space with. It was on purpose. And further than that, He knew. In His perfection, before He created all things, He already knew what would be. He knew the devastation that sin would create, He knew all of the theories that would come about, He knew that He would not be honored and glorified as He should be... and yet He chose to create anyways.

I'd encourage you to chat with Noah if you are interested in this topic at all as he is very open to discussion. Noah is one of those people that you can talk with in depth, agree with, and disagree with, and it's all good because you're both searching for truth and talking about your thoughts and interpretations in love.

You can also chat with Noah about anything apologetics. He is a great resource when it comes to learning ways to rationally and intelligently present the gospel and what Christianity is all about.

Connect with Noah

Facebook: Ratio Christi at Colorado State University

Phone: 970.988.8448




If you would like to do an event at Jubilation Ranch, contact us via email: or click here

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